vintage etched mirror frame

Designer/Maker: unknown

Condition: vintage / fair

Dimensions: 11"wide x 13"high
**holds one 8" x 10" photo

Finish: etched mirror

Price: SOLD

Description: This is a beatiful old etched mirror frame at a bargain price. It is wonderfully made. The back is finished wood and the front consists of one piece of glass that has been mirrored and etched around the edges. You insert a photo by undoing the decorative screws seen at each corner of the photo. I have tested these and they unscrew easily and hold firmly. There are some flaws on the glass due to age. The most noticeable is in the lower left corner. There is a 1" crack in the mirror, but it is within the glass so the surface is still smooth. There are some other imperfections which are visible in the detail shots, but they are to be expected with the age of this frame. There is a small spot in the upper left corner as well as some antiquing visible on the mirrored edge. The clear glass in the center is in very good condition. **Please note - you can only use this frame vertically, as shown. It will not stand up when turned horizontally.



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